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Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp

Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp

Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp
4 days of learning and playing Dungeons & Dragons
Afternoon snacks included; Campers will take home a set of RPG dice. Pizza party on the last day.
Ages 9-15
Cost $58

June 26-29 from 2-5 pm (THIS CAMP IS FULL)
July 10- 13 from 2-5 pm (THIS CAMP IS FULL)

Call us to get on a waiting list for another D&D Camp (541) 946-3132.

Dungeons & Dragons is not just a role-playing game, it’s an educational RPG! Dungeons & Dragons helps players build academic skills like reading and writing, basic mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. These academic skills are important to developing people at a young age. Yet, the positive aspects of Dungeons & Dragons are not only academic but social: progressing through the story will challenge the players with obstacles that require teamwork and coordination comparable to participating on a baseball, soccer or football team, and promote skills that any educator would strive to promote in their students.

Delight’s Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp will begin with the basics of how to create a character. After choosing what goals they want for their character and which skills or abilities will best align with those goals, players will develop a backstory for their character, writing a paragraph or notes to further develop their character. Players will then get an introduction to the game, learn fundamentals of gameplay and rules, and start their journey!

The Dungeonmaster will create a world flavored in fantasy and lore in which players will come across monsters, quests, treasure, as well as towns and cities while exploring what’s around them. Players will role-play their characters using imagination and building social skills and problem solving skills to complete tasks. Teamwork is key since each player’s character will have unique and special attributes that can contribute to defeating monsters, figuring out puzzles and completing the quest.