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Battlebond: 2 Headed Giant

Battlebond: 2 Headed Giant

Battlebond is the first set in Magic‘s history designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant play! It takes place on Kylem, a new world in the multiverse, and many of the cards are designed specifically with formats like Commander, Cube, and Legacy in mind. Battlebond highlights what Magic’s 25th anniversary is about!

Battlebond Preview Party
Sealed Deck (6 packs per team)
Saturday, June 2
1 pm
$12 each/$24 per team

Battlebond Release Draft, Friday Night Magic
(4 packs per team + 1 promo booster pack)
Friday, June 9
6 pm
$10 each/$20 per team

We can pair you up with a partner or you can bring a friend! Sealed deck uses a shared pool of 6 packs per team to build two minimum 40 card decks. Draft works as follows:

  • Teams will get a two-card promo pack that they can use in the tournament.
  • Teams open one booster and pick two cards from the pack before passing the booster pack to the next team on their left. This continues with teams taking two cards from the packs being passed around until there are no cards left to pick.
  • Pack rotation remains left (clockwise) for the first pack, right (counter clockwise) for the second, left for the third, and right for the fourth pack.
  • Teams play single game matches for both sealed and draft format.