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Arduino Coding Camp

Arduino Coding Camp

Arduino Coding Camp: Light & Sound Projects
4 days of building electronics and working with Arduino boards
Afternoon snacks provided; Participants will get to take home their project!
Ages 12-17, Adult Learners Welcome
Cost $125
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July 31-Aug 3 from 2 to 5 pm
Aug 21-24 from 2 to 5 pm 

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs – light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message – and turn it into an output – activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online.

In our camp, participants will get to choose one of three Light & Sound projects:

Musical light organ
Digital color wheel
Sound synthesizer

Projects will be described at the beginning of camp after which students will determine which project they would like to work on. During the 4 days, campers will learn to connect Arduino boards to electronic outputs, understand circuits, perform basic programming using cut and paste with an overview of how electronic components, board, and code work together, and build an interactive project that interfaces with each other! Each learner will get to take home the project they make and for those interested in both camps, can choose a different project for the subsequent camp.