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Dungeons & Dragons Afterschool Program

Dungeons & Dragons Afterschool Program

Dungeons & Dragons is not just a role-playing game, it’s an educational RPG! Dungeons & Dragons helps players build academic skills like reading and writing, basic mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. These academic skills are important to developing people at a young age. Yet, the positive aspects of Dungeons & Dragons are not only academic but social: progressing through the story will challenge the players with obstacles that require teamwork and coordination comparable to participating on a baseball, soccer or football team, and promote skills that any educator would strive to promote in their students.

In our afterschool program, kids will build characters and participate in a 4-week Dungeons & Dragons campaign. With over 10 years of Dungeon Master experience, our DM will guide students through a role-playing adventure full of imaginative storytelling, monsters and camaraderie.

October 23-November 13
Tuesdays 4:30-6 pm

Snacks provided.

$30. Ages 10-14. Limit 5 students per session.
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