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Magic KIDS Afterschool Program

Magic KIDS Afterschool Program

Magic: the Gathering (MTG) is the most well-known and widely played strategy card game. Although it may seem like a simple recreational card game, it has been called one of the most complicated games in the world and it is jam-packed with educational value!  

Kids will bring their decks and play the Magic: the Gathering strategy card game. Social skills, vocabulary, logic, critical thinking and strategy are just a few of the benefits of play. This program will include a variety of different formats such as individual matches, multiplayer, Planechase, Chaos or Emperor. Options to participate in additional themed activities, like drafting Sushi Go or Seven Wonders, will be available. During the 4-week period, kids will get to draft 3 booster packs and earn various prize cards. Face-to-face interactions with peers, good sportsmanship and camaraderie are additional benefits of this program.

Snacks provided.
Ages 10-14.

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