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Creative Magic

Creative Magic

People don’t go to card shops and play random decks anymore. We want to encourage innovation and fun! Creative Magic is a Magic: the Gathering tournament designed for creative, flavor decks. Decks are often themed around the title or image on the cards, sometimes based on flavor text or perhaps a mix of images and card types. There have been decks celebrating movies or books like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, decks of band discographies, famous persons (Mother Teresa – lots of healing involved), shows like Power Rangers and even themed around the greed and corruption of “The 1%.” Sometimes people build obscure tribal decks that are not considered strong in regular formats. Your deck should be bad as far as mechanics goes – but it should be wonderful in flavor. You’ll find yourself waiting to play a card not because it’s gonna help you win, but because you want to show your opponent how awesome it matches your flavor. This doesn’t mean you can’t have “good” cards. That’s just not the point.

Round Robin, one game each (no sideboards). At the end of the tournament, you get to vote on your favorite deck(s) and decks with top votes will get to choose among some neat old promos or life counters, altered art cards or tokens, and boosters. Random foil promos for all participants.

There are no restrictions on cards (un-sets are welcome) as long as cards work with your deck flavor and align with the spirit of this format.

Friday, November 30
6 pm
$1.50 Entry