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Magic League

Magic League

Magic League is a great time to get engaged in the newest strategies and mechanics of the game. Players of all different levels come together, putting together creative decks, interacting face-to-face, and having fun. Make new friends and take home cards from latest set, War of the Sparks!

Tuesday, May 7
4- 6:30 pm
$15 Entry / $25 Entry with Prerelease Pack

Play any day. New week starts every Tuesday from 4-6:30. Pick up your weekly promos.
Last day of league is May 28.

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Players receives 3 War of the Sparks booster packs and build a minimum 30 card deck. As an option, players can alternately purchase a Prerelease Pack for $25 and have their weekly bonus packs prepaid. Each week players accrue points for up to 3 games, and any bonus games played will go toward the end-of-league Bonus Games prize. Games can be played as single matches or best 2 out of 3. Free mulligans. Players receive 1 point for each game played, and 2 points for each win.

At the beginning of each new week or after 3 losses, you have the option of adding an additional booster pack to your League Deck for only $3.

Can’t make the Kickoff? No problem. Join in when you can and you will be able to make up past games (up to 3 wins per week).