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Women’s Game Night: BUNCO

Women’s Game Night: BUNCO

Women’s Game Night: BUNCO
Tuesday, Mar 5
6:30 pm. BYOB. Bring a snack or dessert if you’d like.

Hey Women! Our last Women’s Game Night had a great turnout and was really fun. Thanks to Michelle and Frances, we are hosting this time with a game of Bunco, a super easy dice rolling game that’s perfect for chatting over with drink in hand. And you can win prizes $$ too. We need you to register by March 1 because this game requires tables of four to play. If you’re not sure you can make it but want to get on a sub list (to fill in), click here to add your name to the list or  to find out when the next event will be.

This is a night for women to get together, laugh and forget about the millions of things we have to do all month. Take a break, invite your friends or make new ones, and have a little fun with us!

$5 Buy-In
The first 6 people to register get a free month next time! Max 28 players.

Click here to register now!