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Prerelease: War of the Spark

Prerelease: War of the Spark

36 Planeswalkers?! One in every booster pack??? What a crazy prerelease this is gonna be.

Magic Prerelease lets players get the latest cards before they officially release. With your prerelease pack, open 6 booster packs of War of the Sparks, build a minimum 40-card deck with your new cards and play 3 rounds of Magic in a casual tournament setting. Win a round, win a new booster pack.  Win 2 get 2 packs. Win 3 rounds, get another Prerelease pack! We will also provide complimentary light refreshments and host a Cubelet game between rounds for extra raffle prizes.

Each Prerelease entry includes:

  • 6 War of the Spark booster packs
  • 1 stamped foil rare or mythic
  • 1 stamped foil planeswalker card (any rarity)
  • War of the Spark spindown life counter

Midnight, Apr 26, Arrive by 11:45 pm
Saturday, Apr 27 @ 2 pm
Sunday, Apr 28 @ 2 pm (Two Headed Giant)

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$25 Entry