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Magic Summer Camp

Magic Summer Camp

Magic Summer Camp
July 16, 17,18,19
2:30-5 pm

4 days of learning and playing Magic: the Gathering
Afternoon snacks included; Players will take home a Planeswalker Deck + booster pack, a limited pauper deck, 3 booster packs worth of cards, deck box, sleeves, spindown dice, and 4 dice counters
Ages 9-15
Cost $85

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Delight’s Magic Summer Camp will be hosted by our “alumni” Quint Iverson, returning from college to share his enthusiasm and expertise for a week of Magic fun! We will start with new Core 20 Planeswalker Decks, learn deckbuilding tools, tips and strategies, play a pauper draft, do a team tournament, and finish with a limited format individual tournament.

Magic: the Gathering (MTG) is the most well-known and widely played strategy card game. Although it may seem like a simple recreational card game, it has been called one of the most complicated games in the world and it is jam-packed with educational value!  There are tons of benefits to playing Magic, including improvement in social skills, critical and creative thinking, strategy, mathematics and reading.

Critical Thinking & Strategy

Magic is a game of rules and point values based upon an order of operations and turns. As in chess, Magic forces a player to think about the sequence, consequence and comparative outcomes of his or her choices – which is the foundation of critical thinking. The degree of strategy and planning required to build a player’s deck is a defining element of Magic.


There will be instances where players will have multiple choices to make, and making the wrong decision may result in a spectacular loss. But therein lays the beauty of critical decision making. Can you make a comeback after a debilitating mistake? If you have multiple good choices to make, what will place you in the most advantageous position in order to seal your victory? And decision making does not only come during the game, it starts even before the game begins.


The game has a great deal of numbers in it. One of the ways to win is to simply reduce your opponent’s life total down to zero. The player’s job is to figure how to do it the fastest way possible before their own life total has dwindled down to nothing. In order to do this, players use addition, subtraction and even algebra in determining damage and what the power and toughness of different cards might be. Probability is also a factor in determining how many of which card to include in a deck in order to get the best hand and deck consistency.

Social Skills & Sportsmanship

Playing Magic requires everybody to interact with each other. It is one of the key parts of the game that has made it popular. Each player builds individual, creative and strategic decks while playing against different personalities, styles and levels of experience. Not unlike sports, the game is competitive. At Delight, we cultivate a culture of good sportsmanship, focusing on having fun and learning how to lose or win gracefully. They learn that communication goes both ways, not just one person talking, and they learn the values of fairness, honesty and respect.