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RPG Summer Sampler

RPG Summer Sampler

Role playing games every Sunday afternoon this summer! Make sure to register to ensure your spot.

Sundays, Noon – 2:30 ish
$1 table fee per day
Click here to register!

Plane Shift: Kaladesh – Jun 23 & 30
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed, 16 yrs+
When a group of thieves find themselves hired to steal a dangerous invention during the final hours of the Inventor’s Fair, they instead find themselves caught up in the Aether Revolt, forced to side with the Renegades (or least not side with the Consulate) just to finish the job and get paid. But such is the lot of a criminal, once you’ve agreed to perform A Fair Heist!

On the Air – Jul 7 & 14, 16 yrs+
“On The Air” is a game inspired by old-time radio. Play as both characters and actors (including sound effects) through an episode of you own radio serial, complete with sponsor!
When the heiress of a wealthy Arkham family goes missing, that’s when most folks call the police. But when she turns up just a few days later with holes in her memory and a birthmark that wasn’t there before, that’s when the people of Arkham call on Detective Randolph Carter and his associates to solve…The Case of Charlotte Dexter Ward.

Legend of the Elements – Jul 21, 7 yrs+
Elemental kung fu action powered by the Apocalypse World System, the setting is inspired heavily by Avatar:
The Last Airbender.

Melee: The Fantasy Trip – Jul 28, 10 yrs+
Fast n easy to learn, we are planning to have 10+ players in this epic RPG Melee Tournament.

The One Ring – Aug 4 & 11, 16 yrs+
Set in the years between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, players fight against the rising forces of darkness and become legendary heroes in their own right…if they survive long enough.
When a pair of dwarven messengers disappear along the Running River just south of Laketown, a group of new adventurers seize the chance to make a name for themselves. But did these dwarves truly disappear? Are the elves of Mirkwood still refusing the passage of dwarves through their lands, or could it be the ringing of The Marsh-Bell?