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Magic League

Magic League

Magic League is a great time to get engaged in the newest cards of the game. Players of all different levels come together, putting together limited decks, interacting face-to-face, and having fun. Make new friends and take home cards and promo rares and foils from the latest sets!

Next MAGIC LEAGUE will be in February 2020!

PLAY ANY DAY. New week starts every Saturday. Pick up your weekly promos that you can add to your limited deck!

Players receives 3 of the latest booster packs and build a minimum 30 card deck. As an option, players can alternately purchase a Prerelease Pack for $25 and have their weekly bonus packs prepaid. Each week players accrue points for up to 3 games, and any bonus games played will go toward the end-of-league Bonus Games prize. Games can be played as single matches or best 2 out of 3. Free mulligans. Players receive 1 point for each game played, and 2 points for each win.

At the beginning of each new week or after 3 losses, you have the option of adding an additional booster pack to your League Deck for only $3.

Can’t make the Kickoff? No problem. Join in when you can and you will be able to make up past games (up to 3 wins per week).