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Leather Mask Workshop

Leather Mask Workshop

Back by popular demand, professional artist Kelle DeForrest will demonstrate techniques and provide you the tools to create your own leather mask. As the process does take some time, you will cut, mold and prepare your mask form on Saturday, Oct 12 and leave it to cure. A week later, we will come back together and accessorize the mask with paint, stitching, fur, or other additions as needed. You may want to bring specific accessories that are required for your particular mask.

Kelle has years of experience creating physical and digital art for movie sets, large-scale theater productions and for the gaming industry. She’s worked on Gremlins 2, painted textures and done 3D modeling for game art and is currently costuming for the Eugene Ballet Company. Having worked for Sony, SEGA and Walt Disney to name a few, we are fortunate to have her host this special workshop in Cottage Grove!

Leather Mask Making
Two Day Workshop
Saturdays Oct 12/19
2-3:30 pm

12 yrs- Adult.
$35, Supplies Included

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