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STEAM ‘n Games Afterschool Enrichment

STEAM ‘n Games Afterschool Enrichment

DELIGHT’s new afterschool youth program will meet kids where they’re at by engaging them with fun interactive programs in a safe, healthy environment.

Recommended for children ages 7-14, this structured program will incorporate ordered check-ins and expression-filled creative STEAM projects centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, while cueing participants to engage one another to work collaboratively through teamwork to solve challenging puzzles and achieve new personal bests. It is through fun games and hands on experience that all the magic of learning will happen, whether this be navigating social skills or understanding the keys of testing a hypothesis, being free to explore, making mistakes and continuing forward.

Instructors will promote self-regard, encourage emotional expression and impulse control strategies through structured play and learning activities for 3 hours Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. Kids can come at any time depending on their bus/school schedule and we will incorporate them into the program as they arrive. For early release Wednesdays, you are welcome to have them bus to Delight afterschool and hang out until the program begins at 2:30.

Sample Activities:

A Sample Day:
2:30 Greetings/Hang/Place Safe Items Away
2:40 Discuss Needs For the Day (Group Check-in) Explanation of choices, Adult Expectations
3:00 Start Activity/Game
4:00 Take A Break (Stretch, Bathroom, Snack)
4:15 Continue Activity/Games
5:10 Time notification: 10 minutes left
5:20 Wrap Up
5:25 “Integration Time” Suggestions/Feedback

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