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Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program offers an intensive, and often explosive, introduction to newtonian-based concepts for ages 7+.

Projects begin with simple motor, fuel and command components of rocketry and orders of operation to break free from planetary restrictions, where anything is possible! From the very beginning, the program supports learning through natural consequences and stress tolerance. Basic concepts like drag coefficient, power to weight distribution, escape velocity and re-entry are learned through trial and error, where experimentation and risks bring rewards and consequences.

“Back to the drawing board” becomes a mantra with every happy accident, and wonder washes as ships send back scientific data in flight. This results in every subsequent “unlock” of earned in-game “science points” offering further opportunities to strive into further recesses of the solar system. From aviation to spaceflight, parts become unlocked and rosters of intrepid crew members or ship AIs become available to pilot each imagined homemade designs. This is not without challenge, as teams will learn to ask for help from our in-house flight directors.

Each team will be responsible for assigning roles and taking turns fulfilling design, piloting, and science experimentation. Children will be presented with goals through each subsequent day to provide direction and focus culminating in a final tally of space race objectives. The often cute and fun art style of the program beguiles a very real opportunity to inhabit the challenges that came with humanity’s challenges to put men and women into space. Come with us as we support the inner test-pilot in your child, to take their imaginations to the stars!

Participate in this program through our STEAM ‘n Games Afterschool Enrichment.