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Pokemon Prerelease: Cosmic Eclipse

Pokemon Prerelease: Cosmic Eclipse

The final Pokémon Sun and Moon set is coming. Jump into battle with Charizard & Braixen-GX, Venusaur & Snivy-GX, Blastoise & Piplup-GX, and Solgaleo & Lunala-GX, along with the triple TAG TEAM of Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX, plus many more!

Come to the prerelease and get a chance to play with cards before the official release date!

Each participant receives a Build & Battle Box containing a 23-card Evolution pack that includes one of the four exclusive foil promo cards, plus four 10-card booster packs from Cosmic Eclipse. The Evolution pack provides a solid foundation which, along with the booster packs and Energy provided by Delight, is used to construct a 40-card deck.

We will play 3 rounds with Age-Modified Swiss Pairings. Prizes, snacks and fun. Hope to see you!

Friday, October 25
6:30 pm
$25 Entry
$22 Early Bird Discount (Ends 10-20)

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